The Untamed Story

I'm here to tell you, never let anything stop you from living your dream.

My whole life I had problems with my skin. When I was eight, I was diagnosed with eczema. The doctors proscribed me corticosteroids. Unfortunately these drugs weaken skin over time and eventually, I developed an immunity. By college, I had to start taking a topical immunosuppressant that made my skin even weaker and more open to infection that it had been before.

When I first started to grow a beard, I had a little dryness and itchiness, as so many men experience when first growing. Unfortunately for me, this developed into eczema on my face. I tried treating it with my medication, but it eventually developed into a bad infection. I shaved the beard off to try to better treat the skin, but it kept getting worse. Before long it became clear that I had a flesh-eating bacterial infection on my face and neck.

After seeing a dermatologist, I was able to treat it and it healed within a few weeks. Unfortunately, not long after, I ended up developing a MRSA infection all over my body. For nine months I battled this illness, running in and out of hospitals every few weeks. Eventually, it became so advanced, the doctors were concerned that they would have to amputate my right arm above the elbow to prevent it from spreading to my internal organs. Luckily, the doctors were able to use an experimental anti-biotic treatment and successfully quashed the disease.

After that brush with catastrophe, I swore off the use of traditional treatments for my eczema. I began developing a natural skin care treatment with the help of my Mother, an experienced pharmaceutical chemist and herbalist.

After several years of development and use I can happily say that I have been free of eczema and other skin problems for years. This treatment we developed became the base of the Untamed Beard Cream. Its been battle tested to handle everything from dryness, to itchiness, to rashes, to infections. Thanks to it, I can grow my beard without fear.

I hope it can help you too.


Beardsman In Chief,
Andrin Knight Foster